Friday, August 17, 2012

Resume service for just $ 5.

Hi there its me Ricci,

I can create your honest resume. There are lots of resume writing services, but they forgot that the resume must be the reflection of the persons skills and abilities. I have seen some resumes being thrown at applicants because its utter rubbish and full of lies. Companies hate liars. I'll make your resume as honest as possible, backed by my eight years of experience in industrial psychology from a multi-national company.

I have this gig on, you can order there as you like. If you do not want to register there, you can also order here. Send me an email at and we can start from there.

Price for each resume is $ 5. If you want to add a cover letter, just add $ 3, so the total will be $ 8. Other websites offer the same service for $30 or above. I guarantee fast delivery time maximum of three days, maybe less.

You can order here by clicking on the 'Order and Payment' page on the above tab.

Thank you and hope I can create your honest job winning resume soon.>>>>>Ricci