Who needs a Resume?

Almost everyone needs a resume. Including myself. You can check in Wikipedia or in any other dictionary what resume means. 
But for me, a resume is a reflection of your skills and abilities on paper. 

And you can back up your skills and abilities from your work experience, education, training, even character references. Some people don't seem to think that character references are important, they sure do as companies actually call them. If you are a good employee, why would you hide it or put 'Available upon request'?

Here are some of the people I have helped before on creating their resumes:

  • Jobless individuals.
  • Skilled, blue collar workers
  • Students
  • People who want a change in their career
  • High level professionals who want to simplify their resume
  • Persons with unique jobs
Basically, almost everyone. Send me an email now at riccisantiago@gmail.com and we can discuss your requirements first before ordering.