Disclaimer - Agreement


This website is for creating resumes and cover letters only. While all efforts are made to ensure that your information is clear, up to date and concise on paper, it cannot guarantee job acceptance or placement as there are interviews and other external factors that the client must comply before applying on any job.


Client's Responsibility (That is you):
  1. Client must follow the instructions herewith on the website. 
  2. Failure to comply after repeated emails will result in cancellation of the order. And the payment will withheld as penalty.
  3. The contractor will have the authority and freedom to create the resume as per normal industry standards and as per the client's existing data skill set. The contractor may add more or delete your skill set as it seemed fit. There will be no revisions as the newly created  resume can be easily edited by the client.
  4. Transactions and communication must be handled professionally at all times.
  5. After payment, all sales will be deemed final and there must be no issues whatsoever. 
Contractor's Responsibility (This is me):
  1. Your personal data will be kept private and not used for any commercial purposes.
  2. Constant communication through email regarding details of the order must be maintained at all times to ensure prompt delivery of the resume as per client's satisfaction.
  3. Be courteous to all clients and attend to their needs in a friendly and professional manner.